About us

We provide sustainable solutions for heating and cooling of buildings with renewable energy from the ground

GreenTAGS is a project emerged from Expert Proiect, a company specialized in design, technical consultancy and expertise in civil and geotechnical engineering. GreenTAGS is also a translation from research to practice of innovative technologies (energy geostructures) that involve the use of reinforced concrete infrastructures for the sustainable exploitation of renewable energy directly from the ground.

At GreenTAGS, we transform classic reinforced concrete infrastructures (foundations, slurry walls, retaining structures, etc.) into heat exchangers for heating and cooling of buildings while maintaining their primary role of ensuring the safety of the site and of the buildings.

We are the firsts in the Romanian market in designing and monitoring of Energy Geostructures.

Our mission

At GreenTAGS we believe that continuous development, innovation and re-connection with nature are the most important for reaching a sustainable built environment.

Our mission is to be a constant promoter of renewable energy technologies and sustainability in the construction sector while ensuring at the same time the stability and safety of buildings. Through our solutions, we aim to support local urban development by facilitating access to a renewable energy source that has no price fluctuations.

We acknowledge the fact that becoming sustainable is a difficult process of transformation and our mission is to contribute to this process and play an active role by providing smart and easy-access solutions for renewable energy exploitation.



continuous learning

care for the environment



Our team’s activity in the area of development and implementation of these systems emerged from the research experience on this topic and also from an active presence in various international projects related to this innovative technology.

On the Romanian market, we have implemented and monitored GreenTAGS solutions on various public and residential buildings.

The team

Together, we develop the best, optimized solutions for each of our projects.

GreenTAGS is a team of engineers with experience and specific national and international training in the field of geotechnical engineering and energy geostructures.

Iulia Prodan

Iosif Daniel

Anamaria Avram

Karina Mureșan

Ligia Lupaescu

Anamaria Avram

Ștefana Cutean

Andreea Boie

Ligia Lupaescu


Together we build a future powered by green energy

Reinforced concrete infrastructures can be transformed into heat exchangers!

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of application:

Energy Geostructures can be implemented in a large variety of structures and buildings being a sustainable solution for heating and cooling with renewable energy.

Office buildings
Residential buildings
Underground parking
Educational institutions
Subway and subway stations
Pilot-based bridges and viaducts