How can energy geostructures be integrated into an architecture project?

Energy geostructures are concrete infrastructures already needed in a construction that have a second role that of renewable energy provider.

Without influencing the aesthetics of the building, this technology uses the reinforced concrete elements in contact with the soil to provide renewable energy for heating and cooling buildings, therefore contributing to the reduction of CO2 in urban areas.



Easy to implement solutions that follow the trend of urban transformation towards sustainability.


Excellent solutions to achieve the standard for nZEB - Nearly Zero Energy Buildings.


Does not require additional space on site or dedicated space in the building.


They are optimal in densely built-up areas where urban excavations and retaining systems are required.


Multiple long-term benefits for end-users in terms of operational costs and thermal comfort.

Reconnecting with the earth and nature in a smart and current way offering to the end-users of the buildings multiple advantages!

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